Decibel Meter: Krampus’ Picks

Several winter equinoxes ago, in yuletide previous, we announced our collaboration with f.y.e. for the Decibel Meter, a monthly collection found both online and in store to help keep those extra long nights stocked with suitably blackened and morbid soundtracks. This month’s Krampus-approved collection corresponds to the issue with our January 2020 issue, featuring Blood Incantation on the cover, and can be viewed in entirety here.

For those unfamiliar with the anti-Claus, Krampus is definitely the holiday figure of choice for the corpsepainted legions: an anthropomorphic goat demon operating opposite St. Nicholas to punish wicked children. And while his record collection is certainly a point of conjecture, we can assume he won’t be listening to a whole lot of adult contemporary, so this month’s collection includes a variety of titles that might end up in his shopping bag.

In line with Krampus’ penchant for admonishments, thematically relevant titles include progressive deathgrinders Cattle Decapitation‘s latest doctrine on human extinction, Death Atlas; and metalcore trailblazers Killswitch Engage‘s Atonement. Other dB faves include the juggernaut Deserted from Arizona death metal new guard Gatecreeper; the cyber thrash/black/speed metal attack of Primal Future: 2019 from the always ripping Toxic Holocaust; gore drench death metal decadence in Horror from the death/grind institution Exhumed; the avant-black showstopper Hearts of No Light from Swiss boundary-pushers Schammasch; the prog opus In Caude Venenum from the ever-changing Opeth; and Angel of Light, the first album in seven years from heavy metal mainstays Angel Witch.

For the vinyl enthusiast, Krampus apparently has been jamming some Exodus, with three fye exclusives, each with poster: Bonded by Blood in opaque white; Fabulous Disaster in metallic gold; and Pleasures of the Flesh in metallic silver. Other “I’m buying this present for me” picks include Possessed‘s landmark Seven Churches in exclusive opaque red vinyl (with poster), and Cradle of Filth‘s recently remixed Cruelty and the Beast Re-Mistressed.

To peruse Krampus’ full list click here, or to skip the shipping and get these titles immediately to make sure those long nights have suitably heavy soundtacks, head straight to the nearest f.y.e location.