For Those About to Squak: Waldo’s Pecks of the Year!

Beak Freaks! What’s going on? I’m usually a little late to the party as far as this shiz goes, but since it’s SO slow this time of year, here’s Waldo’s Albums of the Year List! This is, of course, in NO PARTICULAR ORDER, but take a peep and enjoy!

Cease To Exist
20 Buck Spin
A new lineup for these guys, but gnarly ass Repulsion style grind, while technically an EP, this is awesome!

Full of Hell
Weeping Choir
A noise/grind hybrid that whips some serious ass, this is excellent.

Misery Index
Rituals of Power
Season of Mist

Blood Incantation
Hidden History of the Human Race
Dark Descent
This has basically made every AOTY list (including the only one that really matters). Morbid Angel worship with AMAZING song writing.


Cloud Rat
There’s not a lot of songwriting like this in grindcore. This is a great punky/grind release.


Call of the Void
Buried In Light
Translation Loss
Post, punk, hardcore, grind, whatever. They throw it and give it all on this release.


No Mas
Last Laugh
HPGD Productions
Sick grindcore with gnarly-ass breakdowns.


Tomb Mold
Planetary Clairvoyance
20 Buck Spin
Riff-soaked old-school death metal. Great release.


Obscene Majesty
Slamz, slamz and more slams. Nasty groovy death metal

Immortal Bird
Thrive on Neglect
20 Buck Spin
Grind, punk, black, post metal. An amazing mix of everything.

Immaculada High
Heavy Noise rock in its purest form. Not for the faint of heart.

Plastic Anniversary
Thrill Jockey
WHAT THE PECK IS THIS?  Awesome stuff!

Until next year, Waldo OUT!