Unreqvited Guides You as Night Falls

Canada’s Unreqvited are a difficult band to place. Perhaps this is what makes their music so interesting. There’s plenty of post-rock/post-metal to go around with the expansive riff structures, and the overall sense of exploration permeating their sound. But the blackened side of their sound is what gives them a compelling edge, and keeps them from falling into the hazy snoozefest that afflicts other “post-” bands.

In a way, on older songs like “The Autumn Fire” and “Stardust,” they manage to merge their influences into a cohesive whole without losing the essential elements. You have DSBM’s crushing sense of despair. But there’s also a lot of room for post-rock and noise-rock’s ability to capture complex emotions and project them through entrancing riffs and thunderous rhythms. Additionally, the band’s use of piano is particularly effective in adding extra color to the musical palette.

On January 10, 2020, Unrvquited will release Mosaic II: la déteste et la détresse on Prophecy Productions. The band thus far has released the opening track, “Nightfall.” Much like the band’s previous work, “Nightfall” brings both a sense of tranquility and one of cold melancholy. The haunting vocals and icy guitar tone just give the music somethings sorely missing from so many other bands of their ilk. Sink into the song below, and check out the pre-order info here.