Let Winter Light Take You “From Sea to Starless Skies”

As winter’s chill kicks in and our Friday’s grow blacker, it’s a great time of year for some cold, melodic death metal. Utah’s Winter Light is here to bring their unique and dazzling take on the style to melodeath fanatics with their new EP, From Sea to Starless Skies. Check out “Dawn” below, and let those sweet riffs infect your mind! The band effectively captures what makes melodeath great: great memorable songs that shine with beauty yet still crush with an undeniable metallic force. There’s also a healthy amount of variation in vocal and rhythmic approaches that rewards multiple listens.

To learn a little more about the band, I caught up with guitarist Ryan Pape

Winter Light is a melodic death metal band from Salt Lake City that formed in 2018. This EP documents some of the songs we’ve performed around the city over the last year. The music captures fantasies I have of natural spaces absent of humans, and with the help of my bandmates Dave (drums), Nate (guitar), Kellen (vocals) and Eren (bass), we’ve brought these to life playing alongside every sick metal band we can. 2020 will be another year of recording and gigging for us, and we’re looking forward to some out-of- state shows, as well as returning to the local stages we love.

I might add that those sick metal bands include Disentomb, Haunt and Hell Fire, showing the band is already off to a great start sharing the stage with some solid acts. Let’s hope they bring some cold light to the East coast at some points soon!