Full Album Stream: Post/Boredom’s Ritualistic Time Abuser

Seattle’s Post/Boredom may not obviously and overtly fly metal’s flag, but long ago we established that there are many forms of heavy and heavy is as heavy does. And when a band comes along touting the likes of Deadguy, Shellac, Harkonen and KARP as influences and inspirations, we’d be foolish to brush them aside simply because of missing Deicide backpatchs or no one carved Slayer into their forearms before returning to work.

Having come together in 2015, Post/Boredom has since issued an EP entitled Shaking Hands with Clients and recently released their debut album, Ritualistic Time Abuser which we’re streaming for you this morning. The album has already been available courtesy of Hex Records for a few weeks, but we figured any amount of help we can give in getting it into ears would be better than interested folks missing out because of a lack of a coordinated PR campaign blanketing the landscape in advance of the album’s official release date.

When we asked the band to introduce themselves and their new record to Decibel’s online readership, here is what drummer Jeffery Poso had to say:

“In early 2018, we entered the Kill Room (studio) with our friend Jeffery McNulty. The building is, for the most part, a large, insulated barn, with a large Reznor heating unit. We had just been hit with heavier than average snow storm which stalled the entire region for a week while the rest of the country laughed at us. This lineup of the band had been together less than a year and we were feeling good enough on the strength of the new songs we had written. Though the recording process with Jeffery went smooth as it could, there was still an uneasiness with how we felt we were performing the songs, on top of the frigid vibe within the space itself. We were happy with the Shaking Hands With Clients EP and pursued Jeffery again for a record we were writing at the time of this recording.

“Fast forward to April 2019. The warm spring air was sweet and we had punished ourselves to make this record tight and unique. It was a laborious time for us as we had just finished a tour a few months prior and were playing locally pretty frequent. We stepped back in the same barn with Jeffery McNulty and found the work had paid off, as we were all able to finish our basic parts midway into day three. This gave us time to play with additional sounds, in addition to having friends provide backup vocals and a saxophone solo. Most of this was done on the fly! The end result was the recording with eight very different sounding tracks, with many sounds we were happy to get with the time we made to attain it with.

“Since 2015, Post/Boredom have been pushing onward through dark and terrifying places whilst staying true to the idea of making visceral heavy rock inspired by the Touch and Go meets AmRep mess and scathing hardcore punk. Like the landscape of our home of Seattle, we aim to showcase different levels of depth and urgency, while also letting the listener know they are fed up, hungry and ready to pulverize

“On Ritualistic Time Abuser we found ourselves pushing hard to make eight distinct songs of heavy noise rock influenced punk rock akin to Nirvana, The Jesus Lizard, and fellow Puget Sound destroyers Harkonen. On the track “Impossibly Grim,” the song trudges through heavy sludge inspired rock, while also showcasing moody saxophone work before the song ends with a full noisy metallic onslaught.

“Regional tours are being planned for 2020, which will hopefully see Post/Boredom in a town near you.”

Ritualistic Time Abuser is available from Hex Records.

Check out the band’s various online portals: Bandcamp, Facebook