Tune Into Frecuencia De Muerte’s “Death Frequency”

For anyone wondering what’s going on in the world of punk, Portland’s Frecuencia De Muerte is one of the best bands to watch. Comprised of four longtime veterans of the scene, the band takes a raw and dirty approach to their sound akin to Poison Idea and Negative Approach, with perhaps a touch of Antidote, Zeke, Skitsystem and Driller Killer. The band combines their passion for the classic hardcore punk with a talent for great riffs, solos, harsh vocals and a no-nonsense rhythm section. You can never have too much of that!

The band’s debut full length, Death Frequency, is out now via Armageddon Label (home to Dropdead and friends). You can check out the new album in it’s entirety here, and watch their music video for “Frecuencia Muerta” below, which happens to be the more mid-paced song from the album mostly filled with high-speed ragers. As the band says, hit play and “punk up the volume!”