Olympia Hard Rockers Quayde LaHue’s Full-Length Debut Streaming In Full

Mining that 1970s sweet spot where muscular hard rock and nascent heavy metal colluded to snatch teenagers’ meager pocket money—at least the part that wasn’t blown on cheap grass and cheaper booze—Quayde LaHüe deliver all the twin-guitar harmonies, retro riffage and melodic vocals of that golden age. Led by singer Jenna Fitton and featuring three members of Olympia metal squad Christian Mistress (plus a dude from Mortiferum!), Quayde LaHüe are dropping their full-length follow-up to 2017’s excellent Day of the Oppressor EP.

Entitled Love Out of Darkness, the new album is—in the words of Fitton—“a heavy rock testament of a world out of balance and the everlasting fight for justice that lies within.”  And, according to bassist Reuben Storey—also of Christian Mistress and a longtime employee of Olympia’s Old School Pizzeria—“Love Out of Darkness is an insular fantasy, a big rock presentation backed by menial kitchen work.  Beyond the electric façade, it’s just five people together in a basement, hammerin’ out tunes, trying to make something decent to offer the garbage world we all live in.”

Hear Love Out of Darkness in its entirety below.