Full EP Stream: Megaton Sword – “Niralet”

Swiss heavy metal quartet Megaton Sword raise a mighty and powerful debut with their five song EP. Taking their name from a “majestic mountain ridge” of their own creation, according to the band, “The Megaton Sword [mountain ridge] towers over the lands of Niralet.” 

Megaton Sword describe their own music as “80s inspired true as steel Heavy Metal infused with over-the-top fantasy lyrics.” That’s accurate, but we would add that Niralet riffs, pounds, and absolutely rules with five tracks of epic and addictive heavy metal perfection. Featuring drummer Dan Thundersteel, Chris the Axe on guitars, Simon the Sorcerer on bass, and vocalist Uzzy Unchained, Megaton Sword will soon tower over your favorite heavy metal bands. 

We are psyched to host these “glorious hymns” today to help spread the good riff. “Brace yourself for a full-length album next year,” promises Megaton Sword. “Support us on our quest to conquer the world with Heavy Metal.”


Get Niralet this Friday on CD and 12” vinyl from Dying Victims Productions.

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