Full Album Stream: Nekro Drunkz – “Terminal Perversion”

Today marks the release date of the fourth album from death metal pornographers Nekro Drunkz. Titled Terminal Perversion, and featuring the most graphic and the most tasteless album cover of 2019 by none other than Icelandic painter Skaðvaldur, this Portland-based duo’s latest album collect fifteen tracks of bestial death grind depravity. 

Sounding like it was recorded in the depths of an ampitheater-sized toilet bowl, and by none other than Charlie Koryn, Terminal Perversion will fuck its way to the top of your guilty pleasures list with a greasy alacrity that’s as frightening as it is impressive. With song titles like “Into Eternal Queef” and “Fecal Upheaval (of Satanic Might),” you’ll find yourself laughing through all the carnage, but the death metal these weird assholes churn out has crushed for over ten years now. And Terminal Perversion ranks as ND’s most powerful album yet. 

“Listen to this album, feel the sleaze metal power and become the mutants on the cover artwork!” demands drummer/vocalist Disgustor666. “Recorded by Charlie Koryn of Ascended Dead. Masturd by Phil Kusabs from Vassafor & Blasphemy. For fans of Abscess, Impetigo, Pungent Stench and Nunslaughter! The prognosis is grim……. TERMINAL PERVERSION!”

Terminal Perversion


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