Video Premiere: Aftermath – ‘Scientists and Priest’

The vinyl version of midwest thrash heroes Aftermath‘s 25-years-in-the-making There is Something Wrong is released today (get your copy right here) and Decibel is all to keen to celebrate with a brand new lyric video, “Scientists and Priest.” If you’re looking for affirmation of the separation between church and state, then Aftermath vocalist Kyriakos “Charlie” Tsiolis  has got some bad fucking news for you.

“People find false comfort in either science or religion,” Tsiolis tells Decibel. “The institutions have been corrupted and are used to divide the masses into two camps. It’s the perfect scam having people argue over what’s the truth. The truth is that organized religion and science are full of shit and used to deceive us and keep us fighting each other.  Institutions are tools of suppression and none are better at it than the ones telling us to worship false idols and blindly believe in fake science.”