Streaming: Bummer’s “Thanks For Nothing” EP

Bummer refer to themselves as the “greatest band from Kansas.” They released their debut Holy Terror about a year ago (it was one of Decibel’s best vinyl releases in 2018). A little more than a year later they are back with the follow-up EP Thanks For Nothing. It’s got tasty riffs and dirt galore and on the first few spins strikes us as AC/DC gone noise rock/Houdini-era Melvins – not a bad thing at all. It’s music for dirtbags meant to scare dumbasses who call people cucks and sport lame Richard Spencer haircuts. There’s even a cover of Marilyn Manson’s “The Beautiful People” that makes us like that song again after hearing it used for far too many pro wrestling events and monster truck rallies. Even the staid Kansas City Star praised Bummer’s “primal, Neanderthal, noise rock, sludge.”

Stream the entirety of this gnarly EP below. Don’t be a POS – order a copy from Learning Curve if you dig it.