Full Album Stream: Savage Master – ‘Myth, Magic & Steel’

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When I saw Louisville riff-forgers Savage Master at a recent Indianapolis show they whipped the audience into a frenzy with new tracks off their upcoming record Myth, Magic & Steel. Matching horror-kitsch theatrics with Cirith Ungol’s epic heavy metal, lead siren Stacey Savage and her scarlet-masked conspirators embrace leather-clad ’80s metallic might with a fiercer edge.

Coming out this Friday from Shadow Kingdom Records, Savage Master’s Myth, Magic & Steel has all the nimble-fingered fret-sorcery and shout-along choruses you could politely ask Satan to provide. While the title track and other early single “Flyer in the Night” bring the contagious vocal hooks, “The Devil’s Ecstasy” steals the A-side spotlight with its wild-blooded thrust. The hellacious “Lady of Steel” is that cut’s formidable and fiery B-side rival. When the album’s not galloping into battle, doomy pace-changers “The Owl” and “High Priestess” hint at the looming 8+ minute finale “Warrior vs. Dragon.” The record’s the perfect soundtrack for either a R-rated ’80s fantasy flick or a heavy metal slasher feature. Speaking of, Savage is happy to give you a handful of movie recommendations for your Myth, Magic & Steel Halloween experience in the interview below.

Get decked out in leather and polish your chains before you exclusively stream Savage Master’s Myth, Magic & Steel. Scroll further to read Stacey Savage’s interview as the songs transport you to a land of dragons and devilry, and pre-order from the links below.

Interview with Savage Master vocalist Stacey Savage

Decibel: Congrats on the coming release of Myth, Magic & Steel! Did you have any conscious changes or adjustments you wanted to make to the band’s sound after the Creature of the Flames EP?

Savage: Thank you very much! With each release we have been expanding and refining our sound. Myth, Magic & Steel is a little different in that we recorded at Mount Doom Studios in Detroit. We spent a week up at our friends’ house and really spent all of our time and energy rehearsing and giving it our all. It turned out to be a lot more conducive to record out of town to avoid distractions. All of our energy was on what matters most – the music.

I was able to catch your last show in Indianapolis and it was a total rager. Which of the new songs have you enjoyed playing most live?

Savage: Thank you! I think “Lady of Steel” has to be the most fun because when we are able we have our awesome guest vocalists join us on stage. It’s so much fun to share the stage with Deb from the current Pittsburgh band Lady Beast and Sandy from the ’80s Cleveland band Sacred Few.

Are you an artist who prefers the studio or life on the road and on stage? I also always wonder how the band’s costumes hold up on tour; I imagine those hoods can get a little musky a week in.

Savage: Oh yeah! We all love life on the road! This past experience in the studio was extra fun, but I feel like we have more experience on the road and I am more comfortable there. It’s so great to meet and see so many friends and fans everywhere we go! And YES… The hoods get drenched in sweat every night and if we forget to pull them out of the bin and wash them then… it gets pretty funky!

I know the band’s image was originally based a bit on Black Sunday/The Mask of Satan, which thrills a Bava fan like me. What are a few other Halloween favorites that would be a perfect backdrop for Savage Master’s music?

Savage: A few that come to mind are Rocktober Blood, Rock N Roll Nightmare, Hack-O-Lantern, and Terror on Tour.

Have you ever had someone dress as you or your band mates at late-October shows close to Halloween?

Savage: You know, I haven’t seen anyone dress up as us at the shows but I have seen photos online where folks have dressed as us for Halloween. Hopefully I’ll get to see some people in SM gear this October! — Or anytime really! What fun!

What’s next for Savage Master in 2019 and beyond?

Savage: Mostly supporting this album, touring around the states this fall with Silver Talon and this winter with GWAR. Hopefully we will be going to Canada and Europe next year as well. Then we will get back at writing the next one. Thanks for the interview!

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