Teitanblood Unleashes ‘The Baneful Choir’ Album

There’s a scene at the end of Sam Raimi’s Drag Me to Hell, where the protagonist is grabbed and pulled underground by the hordes of hell. It’s a terrifying, gripping and dramatic scene that shudders through the viewer’s senses. Likewise, Spain’s Teitanblood specializes in blackened death metal that’s equally terrifying, gripping and dramatic. In fact, they might as well be the soundtrack to being dragged down to hell. The band occupies an interesting space between doomy death metal, blasting black metal and ripping war metal, giving them a unique place in the extreme ecosystem.

For those of you who enjoy the band’s crushing, noisy and ferocious take on metal, today is a good day. Teitanblood’s new album, The Baneful Choir, is out today via Norma Evangelium Diaboli. Check out “Ungodly Others” below and dive into the swarming mass of chaos and death.