Runemagick Opens the Dead Gates

Runemagick are masters of slow, plodding and crushing death-doom. The Swedish band formed in 1990, disbanding and reforming a couple times since, but with mastermind Nicklas “Terror” Rudolfsson a constant presence at the helm. 2019 sees the band return with Into Desolate Realms, out on October 25 via High Roller Records.

At first, I was surprised to see the band come back with a new album so soon. After all, they did just put out Evoked From Abysmal Sleep in 2018. But it seems that since their latest reformation in 2017, Runemagick is set to pummel us again and again. Check out “The Opening of Dead Gates” below, and feel the riffs, growls and drums smash your senses into the deepest darkness.