Track Premiere: Blasphemous Covenant – ‘Subliminal Supplication’

Made up of Thy Sepulchral Moon’s vocalist Lörd Matzigkeitus and Lord II, the mastermind behind noisy California-based black metal band BYYRTH, Blasphemous Covenant is not at all what you’re expecting. In the words of the band themselves, Blasphemous Covenant “[feature] dual shrieking Satanic voices, dual bass punishment used in a way never conceived of before, and hammer bludgeoning drums that raise a crescendo over the schizophrenic rabid assault.”

Disruption . . . Havoc wages war against the ears and mind both. While the first track rages with hostility and blast beats, today’s track premiere better demonstrates the wall-of-noise, suffocating aspect of Blasphemous Covenant’s approach to black metal.  

“Subliminal Supplication”



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