Full Album Stream: Inferno Requiem – “Shanhai”

This year marks the twentieth anniversary of the nowadays Japan-based, Taiwanese black metal lone wolf Inferno Requiem. In those twenty years, Fog, the sole shadow behind Inferno Requiem, has released music at their own pace. Shanhai may only be Inferno Requiem’s third album in two decades, but, just like their previous two full lengths, this album is an effort of remarkable grace, strength, and fiery melody. 

Says Fog: “Shanhai, the 20th year anniversary album from Inferno Requiem, is a series demonstrations of potentially hidden myth regarding epic legends in ancient mythology. A clandestine pagan folklore first-ever written from the standpoint of notorious nemeses, who [were] often depicted as the villains in most official historical documents/records. The album would now illustrate these untold ingredients with unique perspective while re-presenting with the purest underground sound in black metal.

“While the simple-yet-profound debut Gloomy Night Stories provides primitive and aggressive punches in the face; In Moon one would be surrounded by the toxic taste within those ghastly, ritual atmospheres; and then the mechanical, cold apocalyptic Nüwa infuses with strong sci-fi approaches regarding ancient alien bio-invasion to human evolution; Shanhai in fact, consists inherently a “fusional compound” of those above, and would unequivocally mark the monumental period over the band’s two decades span.”

Out this Sunday on CD and tape format from Elderblood Records (with vinyl impending), this is . . .



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