Album Premiere: Synteleia ‘Ending of the Unknown Path’


From the ancient Greek fire temples to the loins of Adrestia, Athens-based newcomers Synteleia have resurrected the art of early ’90s black metal. Formed in 2015 by members unknown — OK, Plague is but one — to other bands, the quartet crafted the Astral Blasphemies demo, with which they parlayed into a deal with Hells Headbangers. Unlike most adherents of sonic Satanic art, Synteleia‘s vertex is the result of blending harsh brutality and atmospheric melody — think Rotting Christ meets early Septic Flesh — to form something that’s entirely Greek yet new and fresh.

Say the band: “Synteleia are proud to announce Hells Headbangers to be our rightful partner, regarding the release of our debut album. We feel obligated to stay true to our ideals and beliefs, and cooperating with a genuine underground label that fully understands and supports our old-school Hellenic black metal aesthetics, taste, and philosophy feels the best way to repay all those who have entrusted us with their support and confidence. We are honored to be a member of HHR’s unholy legions.”

The result of the Usonian/Hellenic agreement is Synteleia’s debut album, Ending of the Unknown Path. Written in the deepest, darkest caves south of Koutouki, Ending of the Unknown Path found its cloven hooves near the end of 2017 when the group ensconced themselves into a studio untold to track their infernal creation. So, it’s with all the pleasure of a Xiphos on flesh that Decibel and Hells Headbangers collide to premiere Ending of the Unknown Path in full! Kings of the stellar war unite!

Say the band: “Synteleia was founded in the summer of 2015 with one purpose: to play the music they love and were fans of, since childhood. Four years later, the first fruit of our will, came to be. With respect to the Great Ones that walked the Path before us, we offer to all of you out there, the result of our mortal efforts, as a small token of appreciation, our sense of contribution to the Greek black metal scene. Walk the Path — Keep the Flame alive — Stay true — Synteleia has come!”

** Synteleia’s new album, Ending of the Unknown Path, is out on Hells Headbangers Records. Order the old order of Hellenic black metal by clicking HERE. As Alexander the Great once said, “Remember upon the conduct of each depends the fate of all.” Order now, fools!