Full Album Stream: Antichrist Siege Machine – “Schism Perpetration”

Over the past three years, Richmond-based black death duo Antichrist Siege Machine have left an indelible scar on the American extreme metal underground. After first deploying their demo in 2016, drummer SB (Left Cross, Spite [live]) and guitarist/vocalist RZ quickly set to touring the States, and permanently fixing their name into the memory of all who came within range of their lethal ordnance. Last year, ASM released a threateningly powerful promo tape that foreshadowed their forthcoming debut LP like the shadow of a warhead growing larger and darker.

Now the time has finally come for that bomb to land. Engineered, mixed and mastered by Bob Quirk, Schism Perpetration marks the true entrance of a powerful and unflinchingly confrontational new force in the global underground. 9 tracks, 28 minutes, and not a single instance of mercy.

“Schism Perpetration is the resounding strike against the legions of false allies, forged legacies, and mockeries of true satanic hate,” quotes the band. “Antichrist Siege Machine bears the banner of godless strength above a battering ram against theocracy and its accomplices. A fatal blow will be dealt to the peddlers of false teachings and their atrocities committed against humanity.”

Out today on LP from Stygian Black Hand, and on CD from Krucyator Productions, this is

Schism Perpetration


Get Schism Perpetration today from Stygian Black Hand (vinyl) and Krucyator Productions (CD).