Full EP Stream: Darkened – “Into the Blackness”

With the likes of Hempa Brynolfsson of Excruciate on guitar, Daryl Kahan of Funebrarum on bass, and Andy Whale of Memoriam and Bolt Thrower on drums, this recently formed international melodeath band calling themselves Darkened are something of a dream come true. But Darkened’s debut EP, also featuring Linus Nirbrant on guitar and Gord Olson on vocals, hits way too hard to be the stuff of dreams.

Into the Blackness is three tracks, fifteen minutes of true, old school melodic death metal. They didn’t make death metal like this anymore until the various members of Darkened got together and took it upon themselves to do just that. And the result is one of the freshest debuts to come out in years, strong with the excitement of a new band, but masterfully wielded by veteran players.

Produced by Nirbrant at Audiogrind Studios in Sweden, Into the Blackness comes out this Friday on Edged Circle Productions. Chaos Records will release a 10” vinyl version of the EP in October.

“Darkened is a band comprised of people scattered around the globe who have been friends for some years now,” says guitarist Hempa Brynolfsson. “We all bring our different styles within the Death-Metal genre into Darkened. This EP will be our first release and we’re currently underway towards a full-length album.”


Into the Blackness


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