No Life Leaves the New Nightfell Album

When you see a certain name on a release, you know what you’re in for. And when you see the right name, you’re know you’re in for something good. And when the names are Todd Burdette and Tim Call, it’s guaranteed. There’s just that mark of quality that you know comes along with a resume that includes His Hero is Gone, Tragedy and Mournful Congregation, you’d be a fool not to hire.

Nightfell‘s new album, A Sanity Deranged, comes out this September, on Friday the 13th no less! And because it’s 2019, it’s another slam dunk from 20 Buck Spin! If you can’t wait till that most lucky day, you can check out “No Life Leaves Here” below. The song has a backbone of crusty and filthy hardcore that you’d expect, but there’s a fair amount of black and death metal blended into here as well. In other words, you’ll only find good stuff here. Pay special attention to the almost narrative guitar work here and how it weaves in so well with the mind-blowing drumming.