Full EP Stream: Gravehammer – “Primordial Principles | Fundamental Forces”

Since forming in 2015, the German death doom quartet Gravehammer have independently released two demo tapes, both of which exhibit the same mid-paced, primitive and indomitably heavy tendencies. Now, without refining their sound or evolving in any way, Gravehammer continue their relentless campaign of crushing, old school-style death doom with the release of their third tape, Primordial Principles | Fundamental Forces, out now on Caligari Records. 

With Primordial Principles | Fundamental Forces, Gravehammer once more pull inspiration straight from the original source of underground extreme metal. Yet Gravehammer, despite their name, are no worship band. The four songs that make up Primordial Principles | Fundamental Forces are not the products of mindless worship, but of true inspiration.

All instruments were recorded in a live set up to deliver the necrohellish caveman sound you always seek after,” says the band. The four tracks show apocalyptic perspectives on the four elements and their forms of cataclysm, offering room for different facets of the beloved old school-sound.

Primordial Principles | Fundamental Forces



Get Primordial Principles | Fundamental Forces on cassette from Caligari Records.