Join Swarn’s “Black Flame Order”

“I’m a little bit cruuuuuuustyyy, and I’m a little bit death metAL!”

That’s how the song goes, right guys? No? Ah, that’s ok, the song was awful anyway. But you know what isn’t awful? Swarn‘s debut album out today on Redefining Darkness Records. Black Flame Order is a righteous romp through crust, HM-2-style old-school death metal, and the slightest touches of black metal and hardcore. The band comes to us from Estonia, and the quality of songs like “They Are Blind” and “Enlightenment From the Dark” should go a long way to strengthening the Baltic country’s position in the metal underground.

Like many bands of this sort, Swarn has great potential to appeal to a variety of audiences. They have a solid punk and crust streak running through them, but the guitar distortion and occult imagery should make metalheads curious about the album. Additionally, the occultism isn’t so over-the-top that it alienates punk and hardcore listeners. Check out “They Are Blind” below: