Witch Vomit: Burying You in Dripping Tombs

To be a great painter, you need to study the masters, and then narrow your selection of inspiration tailored to your own style. And thus it is with extreme metal. If you want to make dirty, menacing and terrifying death metal, you need to study your Incantation, master your Autopsy, and don’t skip those electives on Gorement and Demilich either. In that spirit then, I’d like to announce the acceptance of Witch Vomit‘s latest dissertation.

The Portland ragers are set to return with a new album on August 30 via 20 Buck Spin called Buried Deep In a Bottomless Grave. What do they sound like? Well, something emerging out of a bottomless grave. The music is dark, punishing and catchy – death metal made the right way.

As you can tell from “Dripping Tombs” below, the band has polished their sound somewhat, making it slightly less chaotic than 2017’s Poisoned Blood. But don’t let that fool you, this polish has only better accentuated the muck, decay and destruction to be found within every riff.

Stay nauseous, my friends.