Album Premiere: Death Before Dishonor “Unfinished Business”

Photo by Todd Pollock

A full decade after the stellar punk and metal-tinged ultra-hard hardcore opus Better Ways to Die Death Before Dishonor return with the aptly titled Unfinished Business — a ferocious, driving beast of an album that will not only prove well worth the wait for devotees of previous releases, but also further hones an already gleaming serrated attack, improbably adding more density and vehemence to a sound already overflowing with it.

“In a scene and world that’s constantly changing, it felt important to stay grounded in DBD’s roots but also make a soundtrack that was current to today’s harsh headlines,” vocalist Bryan Harris tells Decibel. “Looking back on my early influences I really wanted to create something for today that had the spirit of bands like Agnostic Front and Sick Of It All in the early 90’s when they were playing fast and angry hardcore on mixed tours and bills. That combination of other heavy, angry worlds, but kept in traditional hardcore fashion. In a way we’ve always been that band but this record properly showcases our influences from streetpunk to more metallic crossover yet done in short fast bursts. Unfinished Business is a Boston hardcore story for the world.”

Below Decibel is pleased to present an exclusive stream of Unfinished Business out July 26 via Bridge Nine.