Album Premiere: Nunslaughter “Antichrist”


Nunslaughter are likely the most prolific band in death metal. Since 1990, the Pennsylvanians-turned-Ohioans have released an astonishing 191 releases, of which only four can be counted as full-lengths. Nevertheless, Nunslaughter continue to pile on. To wit, last year they rammed four released down our sore throats and came out the other side laughing maniacally. They’re on track to meet or exceed that this year, the split with Hatevömit and the upcoming, streaming-here Antichrist, serving as reminders to Nunslaughter’s death metal dominance.

As for Antichrist, a four-track angel-ripper, is coming out via Portugal indie Helldprod Records. Indeed, the flying holy warriors will fall as the Venom-influenced Don the Dead (bass/vocals) invokes his inner Cronos (“I gave up on everyone else and Venom was able to teach me things I wanted to know about,” he says) across Nunslaughter’s new tracks. Today, Decibel, in unholy matrimony with Nunslaughter and Helldprod Records, premiere the 7-minute EP as if the world is ending. We’re pleased as infernal peaches to have tracks like “God” and “Smell the Burning Churches” informing our Monday morning rage. Antichrist is Nunslaughter’s first for the European label, but not likely their last.

Rev up the war-blades and two-sides battle axes, folks. It’s time to hunt nuns! Bring on Antichrist!

** Nunslaughter’s new 7-inch EP, Antichrist, is out July 31, 2019 on Portugal-based indie Helldprod Records. The 7-inch is available for pre-order HERE.