Double 7” Stream: Hulder & Ordeals

Today we’re streaming two forthcoming 7” vinyl releases from the Brooklyn-based underground extreme metal label Stygian Black Hand. 

Ordeals are a black death duo, also from New York City, who first appeared on our radar back in 2016 when they released their demo, Apotheosis. After releasing an obscure split last year, Ordeals now return with four more tracks of their increasingly powerful doomed and melodic black death. Sickos obsessed with energetic riffs rode hard by scornful, beyond-human vocals will absolutely revel the stream below.   

Choose Death


Hulder’s demo tape, Ascending the Raven Stone, came out less than a year ago, but the Belgian-born/American-based one woman black metal band has swept the underground like a firestorm of long-withheld rage. Embraced By Darkness Mysts… shows Hulder not only whetting her already-wicked implements, but growing to incorporate more sounds into her black metal. If you thought Hulder’s demo and rehearsal tape were killer, get ready to claw at your face in ecstasy.

Embraced By Darkness Mysts…

Preorder both 7″s now from Stygian Black Hand.

European folks should check out Crypt of the Wizard for the Hulder 7″.