Full (Covers) EP Stream: Nekrofilth – ‘Love Me Like A Reptile’

Tomorrow Hells Headbangers will release a “special” 7” from US metal punks Nekrofilth. Besides the Motörhead song that also gave the new EP its name, Nekrofilth molest three other songs, showing off, at once, their ability to drag just about any song down to their debauched depths, as well as their wide range of influences.

“We’d always wanted to do a Motörhead cover, and when Lemmy left us, the choice was obvious,” says vocalist/guitarist Zack Rose. “‘Love Me Like a Reptile’ has always been one of my all time favorites, and really doesn’t get the attention it deserves. We had been playing the tune for a while live, so we recorded it with the other songs on Worm Ritual. The other tracks were left over from an old session; we added bass and vocals after the album was complete. I’ve always wanted to do a covers EP, and thought it would be rad to do something that shows a variety of influences. I’m particularly proud of the Mortician cover. Rudimentary Peni and Mob 47 are also huge bands for me, so it was an honor to do our take on their music. Hope you freaks enjoy it as much as I did recording it.”

Love Me Like A Reptile


Get Love Me Like A Reptile tomorrow from Hells Headbangers.