Blast Worship: Aggressor ID

Where they from?
Lancaster, Pennsylvania. According to Wikipedia, Lancaster (originally called Hickory Town) served as the capitol of the United States for one day during the Revolutionary War. On September 27, 1777, the continental congress fled Philadelphia after it had been captured by the British and set up shop in Lancaster before deciding to move even further away to York, Pennsylvania. Plus, Dutch Fucking Wonderland.

What do they sound like?
Dark, angsty false grind and proud of it.

Why the hype?
Is this a grindcore band? Is this a hardcore band? Is this a slam band? Is this the real life or is this just fantasy? Does that even matter at this point? Now that’s the better question. You could make an argument that Aggressor ID are part of a wave of newer grindcore/poverviolence bands on the east coast who aren’t afraid to dabble in some of the rudiments of modern metalcore, a movement, which both detractors and enthusiasts alike have dubbed “false grind” and was first pioneered by New Jersey’s Ground, a band who I have heaped praise on frequently in this column.

But Aggressor ID do something I really like which is put their own personal spin on a popular sound. Whereas most false grind bands can be described as having a “thuggish” atmosphere, ID’s music is characterized by a deep sense of personalized anguish and inner torment, with it’s bleak atmosphere at times flirting with the darkness of black metal which only make the obvious mosh parts that more impactful.

Latest Release?
Aggressor ID EP. Like I was saying, this thing is equal parts vicious, ignorant but also desperate and just plain ol’ dark. I think a lot of it has to do with the unhinged nature of the vocals but the song writing is also outstanding with the guitar riffs alternating between melancholy and caveman ignorant in a way that truly emphasizes both spectrums of the band’s sound. Quick, someone get these boys some Zoloft!