Full EP Stream: Monarque – “Jusqu’à la Mort”

Since 2003, Monarque have stood out as one of the defining bands of Québec’s rich black metal scene. Their ever-ascending, icy blasting, slowly-arching melodic style exemplifies what many of us have come to think of as the so-called Quebecois black metal sound. Now, after a dormancy that lasted over half a decade, Monarque are back with Jusqu’à la Mort, a new three song EP.

“On an ideological level,” writes Monarque, “I see this MCD as a statement both deeply rooted in traditional Black Metal, but also showcasing our French culture as well as what Québec and its scene has to offer. I hope people will be able to feel the fervor we had playing and recording these songs after a long break. Musically, as always, I wanted it to reflect the glory days of this movement, when it was still in its inception. So moving forward, yes, but never forgetting where I came from. Black Metal Tabarnak!”


Jusqu’à la Mort

Jusqu’à la Mort comes out Monday, June 24th. Preorder it now from Sepulchral Productions.

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