Full Album Stream: Vectis – ‘The Executioner’

Funeral bells. A murder of crows. The drone of religious recitation. Ominous boots on stone. A scream of pleading horror. Portuguese black thrash squad Vectis might introduce The Executioner like it’s one the witchfinder general horror flicks of the ’70s, but their demo has the raw ’80s thrust of primordial extreme metal. Think Bloody Vengeance-era Vulcano or Sodom’s early witching metal. Vectis keep it fast and nasty.

“Executioner” rips out of the mood-setting intro with a blistering punk surge and searing lead guitar. Vectis lend a throwback vibe to “Bastard Son of God” with gangshouts of “six, six, six.” After an opening solo, “Warriors of Hell” offers the demo’s most melodic approach to their scorched-earth black thrash. While the recording concludes before hitting the ten minute mark, the contagious closing track hints at more adventurous and dynamic songwriting on the way. With all members under 20 years of age, the teenagers in Vectis are transparent about pulling inspiration from extreme music released well before their birth dates.

“With this first demo we wanna show to all scum-faces the ugly and raw side of our music that helps us [keep] old school extreme musical tradition alive,” Vectis share in a group statement. “We really wanna blow you all up with all our songs in this release, as with the upcoming ones. Old school is the way!”

Check out the exclusive early stream below, well before Helldprod Records releases the cassette on June 27th. Bang your head before Vectis lops it off with a quick axe strike by pressing play NOW.

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