Full EP Stream: Kapala – “Termination Apex”

India’s Kapala made their presence known to the world two years ago with the release of their demo track, “Homosapiennihilation,” leaving no one guessing in regards to the outfit’s intentions. Later that same year, German label Dunkelheit Produktionen released Kapala’s debut EP, Infest Cesspool. Easily one of the harshest debuts to come out that year, Kapala’s debut simply did not play by the same rules as most metal records. The listener’s enjoyment of the record seemed not to be the band’s intention at all. Rather Kapala seemed dead set on truly annihilating their audience. Infest Cesspool was pure torment, the audio equivalent of a sustained blast of radiation.

Now the West Bengal-based power trio of V.I, S, and A.T have returned with another EP sure to be highly detrimental, both physically and psychologically, to all who would muster the courage to face it. Titled Termination Apex, this time Kapala present six tracks of nightmare-come-true grinding black death. Many records over the years have been described as walls of noise. Termination Apex is a tsunami of sonic malevolence, rising and quickly advancing.

“Termination Apex is the absolute fractal limit of extinction,” write the members of Kapala. “It is the stripped down broken husk of human arrogance, the absolute negation of existence. The fires of demise have been unleashed upon the weak and hvmanity will burn until nothing but ash remains!” 

Termination Apex


In cooperation once again with Dunkelheit Produktionen, Termination Apex drops next Tuesday, June 25th. Preorder it now.