Dauþuz: (Literally) Mining for Black Metal Gold

Well, this is just too perfect, isn’t it?

Here at Decibel, we run an occasional series called “Mining for Black Metal Gold,” where we dig around the caverns of the internet for lesser-known gems of dark brilliance. But a loyal reader recently reached out to inform us about a band called Dauþuz, an excellent band from Germany. The group specializes in modern atmospheric black metal: full-sounding production, melodic riffs and natural themes.

But here’s the thing…the songs are actually about mining.

For example, here are some of the lyrics to the title track to the band’s latest album, Monvmentvm:

Down into the earth, deep into the mountain
Out of darkness, to fire the fire
Red the first who gave birth to metal art
Sun-like, what aroused greed, even silver sister

The copper was married to gray tin
A bastard became the bronze
The ore gave birth to the hard iron,
which first fell from the sky

Along with bands like Schattenfalll and Isgalder, Dauþuz is one of the most compelling contemporary German black metal bands, arising from an increasingly crowded scene. Check out the song below, and loose yourself in the entrancing riffs, powerful rhythms and operatic vocals.