Full Album Stream: Slomatics – ‘Canyons’

Belfast doom explorers Slomatics have been keeping it slow ‘n’ low for 15 years now, and fuzz-fiends have noticed. I was recently in a pizzeria when the pizza artisan behind the counter pointed a co-worker’s attention to my Slomatics shirt. Not only was my slice on the house, but I was bid farewell with the knowing closing remark, “Keep it Slo, brother.” Maybe Slomatics fans aren’t technically a cult, but there’s potentially a cosmic bond. One of the loudest voices of Slomatics approval is from Jon Davis of Conan and Black Bow Records. In one of our convos he went out of his way to rave about the Irish bruisers. In that moment he sent me down a wormhole of discovery and guided me towards their space-dwelling discography.

On their sixth LP Canyons (available from Black Bow Records on June 14th), Slomatics continue their measured expedition across starry skies. In opener “Gears of Despair” the riffs feel like the churn of an old space station’s rusting mechanisms. If you came to the Slomatics for heaviness (and let’s face it, you did), they don’t leave you wanting. But there are more moments of brightness and delicate melody throughout Canyons. Whether it’s the silver-tinged wail of vocalist/drummer Marty or the fragile moments between distortion crashes in “Beyond the Canopy,” gentleness illuminates Canyons‘ untamed compositions like solar flares. Slomatics keep their mission simple, but Canyons is still inconspicuously detailed. It’s easy to surrender to the sky-bound thrust of their riffs. But if you explore the meteor-pummeled terrain of each song there’s always new signs of life to discover.

Below, venture into the riff-ruled depths of Canyons, and let Slomatics guide you to heavy new worlds. Also pre-order Canyons from Black Bow Records before the album’s June 14th street-release date from the link below. But first: Launch into orbit, play it loud, and join the Slomatics cosmic cult.

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