Full Album Stream: Hellish Grave – “Hell No Longer Waits”

In the eight years that Hellish Grave have been a band they’ve released two demos and a full length. Since their beginnings in the São Paulo underground, the quintet have been steadily gaining speed and strength. Their 2016 debut full length Worship Macabre is fifty-five minutes of impressively executed primitive black thrash.

Now Hellish Grave return with their sophomore album, Hell No Longer Waits. Featuring guitarist Liber Falxifer of Flageladör and drummer Speeddemon of Regressor, Hellish Grave are now truly playing with fire. Recorded and mixed at Da Tribo Studio, with cover artwork from Fernando JFL, Hell No Longer Waits is bursting with addictive riffs, acid-gargling vocals, fist-pumping guitar solos, evil atmosphere (thanks to the spooky organs), and an almost-overabundance of undeniable commands to headbang. Indeed, Hell is here . . . and it was worth the wait.

Hell No Longer Waits

Members of Hellish Grave say: “We think that we have a strong and mature record, with a better production. In a way Hell No Longer Waits is a step up [from] our previous album Worship Macabre without losing any essence. The songs have more touches of heavy metal without leaving aside the black metal focus. We hope every underground metalhead out there feels the same evil fire as us when we were writing everything. Thank you so much for opening the space for us, and thank everyone listening it out there. Stay morbid 666.”

Hell No Longer Waits comes out this Friday on CD from Helldprod Records. Preorder it now.