Drink Father Befouled’s “Holy Rotten Blood”

You really can’t go wrong with this kind of death metal.

I mean, the template is pretty simple to go on: take the aesthetic of Onward to Golgotha, keep the riffs low and evil, use a good mix of slow and fast tempos, throw in some pinch harmonics, and gurgle those vocals as deep as they’ll go. If you can’t make something decent out of that, then I just don’t know. Maybe your creative side really is better spent picking that special shade of red to label that Excel spreadsheet you send the board before they give you that blank stare of disappointment, yet again.

Meanwhile, it’s also difficult to make something unique and compelling out of this style in 2019. After all, the aforementioned setting stone of this style came out in 1992. Lots of similar records have come out since. What’s a desecrator of the heavenly graceful to do?

Well, Atlanta’s Father Befouled has a pretty good answer: keep it interesting, keep it dark, and write the songs well. The band has kept very busy since it’s 2006 founding, with four full-length albums and several splits and EPs to boast about. Today, the band continues it’s rampage with the new EP, Holy Rotten Blood. Check out the title track below: