Tomb Mold: “We Wanted to Up the Ante in Every Department”

tomb mold planetary

These days, not a lot of bands put out new full-length records two years in a row. But then again, not a lot of bands have generated as much buzz and acclaim as Toronto’s Tomb Mold. Legions of death metal fans raved about their 2018 album, Manor of Infinite Forms, and the band totally ripped on stage at this year’s Decibel Magazine Metal & Beer Fest in Philly. And it’s easy to see why. If you’re down with the mood of Incantation, Blaspherian and Funebrarum, but also like the dynamic approach of the Finnish sound, Tomb Mold needs to be the next patch on your battle vest.

While many other bands would try and get a couple more tour cycles out of their latest album, Tomb Mold decided to keep the momentum going and give fans another record called Planetary Clairvoyance. Derrick Vella, one of the band’s guitarists, told us a bit about how the new record came together so quickly:

About a year ago, in February/March, we were wrapping up Manor of Infinite Forms. I guess around then is when I started to write new songs. I always tell myself I’ll take a breather from it and that never lasts very long. I sat on them until the summer and then we started cranking them out (along with making the Cerulean Salvation tape). We were really feeling the direction these songs were taking. Still twisted, but giving some more breathing room to create a different vibe from Manor.

He went on to describe the spirit of the record a bit more:

It is simultaneously calmer and more chaotic than the last record. We wanted to up the ante in every department. It’s still Tomb Mold, but with a different color palette. Recording two LPs within a year is an exhausting process, but writing and executing new songs that we feel great about is extremely energizing. We just want to take advantage of the creative swing we’re in and create as much as possible!

And good thing too! Check out “Infinite Resurrection” below to hear for yourself. The band has always had a good ear for creating a grim and ghastly death metal atmosphere, but this record shows them enhancing their songwriting and composition skills beyond anything they’ve done before. Good luck getting the riff at the 1:29-mark out of your head. You won’t want to.

Planetary Clairvoyance comes out on July 19 via 20 Buck Spin.