Full Demo Stream: Lathliss – “Demo II”

We featured the mysterious USBM duo Lathliss on Demo:listen back in December of last year, focusing on the release of their exceedingly promising debut Demo I. Now the band have released a follow-up tape, called simply Demo II, through the UK-based analogcentric label Death Kvlt Productions. Like its predecessor, Demo II is four tracks of riff-led, well-written old school black metal, plus an intro. Lathliss continue to craft memorable compositions, and twice now they have turned mere demos into releases substantial enough to call them miniLPs and get away with it.

The band says Demo II is “music made for those who walk their own path. If you’re looking for perfection and cleanliness, then look somewhere else. This is the vile temple of Lathliss.”

Demo II


Get Demo II from Death Kvlt Productions.