Abiogenesis: The Origin of… Origin

Origin are absolute masters of technical death metal. They might just be the best band performing the style today.

Why is this? They get the important things right. They use technicality in a way that enhances the theme of the music. They use technique to aid the song, never to uselessly cram it with noodling that masquerades as actual talent. And they keep it brutal. And hey, if it’s not brutal, what’s the point?

By now, plenty of death metal fans know them for their 2008 landmark, Antithesis, along with later triumphs like Entity and Unparalleled Universe. But there’s vast galaxies of madness and terror to explore in their early work as well, from the borderline-slam of the self-titled album, to the world-smashing excellence of the following two records.

In other words, they rule, which is why it’s so cool that the band is putting out Abiogenesis – A Coming Into Existence. They deem the release to be an anniversary album, as eight of its tracks are re-recordings of songs written before the band was called Origin. Apparently the two early incarnations where called Necrotomy and Thee Abomination. The four tracks at the end comprise a re-release of the band’s first EP. Paul Ryan, Origin’s main songwriter, had the following to say about the release:

Abiogenesis – A Coming Into Existence is the prequel to the band’s formation and the origins of origin that you know today.

Basically, A Coming Into Existence (the band’s first EP from 1998) has been out of print for nearly 2 decades. Agonia records started inquiring what was going on with the EP and if there was any bonus material to go with it. I was excited about pressing it again for the fans and also that it would be available in all formats, because if your music isn’t digital it doesn’t really exist.

These songs were always important to me and for showing the fans of extreme music another era of style of the music I have created over the years.”

Check out “Infestation” below. Abiogenesis – A Coming Into Existence comes out on May 3rd, and promises to be a prequel that’s actually worth getting excited about!