For Those About to Squawk: Enforcer, Helms Alee, Tank

What’s up, beak freaks! Your old boy Waldo comin’ atcha with ALL the new reviews that are fit to print. So check this, if you get upset about any of these reviews… don’t forget that I’m a PARROT, I may not always have the best taste in music.

So, I like thrash. More of a classic thrash bird, but I like thrash. So, I’m not too much of a fan of like thrash mixed with metal, so I figured why not review the new Enforcer. Zenith on Nuclear Blast leans WAY more toward trad “speed metal,” albeit without the edge. Just so everyone is aware, these Swedes are releasing the SAME version of this in Spanish. Guess they have a big Spanish fan base. So, what about this? Off the bat, it kinda seems that slick production here takes ANY of the edge off of this. This is OK at best and by FAR not their finest effort. It feels that this is meandering at times and even comes across as “pandering.” As far as a NWOTHM record goes, again, this is just passable. So, I dunno, Enforcer, I really wanna like this, just kind of left me flat.

4 Fucking Pecks.

Weirdos Helms Alee are back at it again with Noctiluca on Sargent House. Pigeonholing this band is a little tough as they kind of always do their own thing. There is A LOT going on here sonically, but not in a noodly, tech way. There are rumbling, brooding basslines that are reminiscent of Godflesh at times, beautiful breathy passages a la Nick Cave and weird crawling riffs that harken back to Melvins. I’ve always known this band would be something to look out for and Noctiluca proves that. Again, this is not super easy to really nail down in a more genre-specific way, but this is an emotive record that will appeal to anyone that gives it a shot.

7 Fucking Pecks.

So, I’m VERY confused on what’s going on with Tank’s Re-Ignition on Cleopatra Records. Uhh… So this is a selection of songs from the first four (awesome) classic Tank records. With guest spots by Dani Filth and Tom Angelripper. Reviewing this is easy. There’s no real reason for this. Just go get the first four Tank records, they shouldn’t be THAT hard to find. Inspirationless recordings of once awesome songs.

1 Fucking Peck.

This is better Tank.

Until next time.