Full Album Stream: Bloodphemy – “In Cold Blood”

You’re forgiven for having never heard of Bloodphemy before. The Utrecht-based quartet formed originally in 2000, but that first run was a brief one. The band broke up in 2003, and it seemed like their demo Section 8 as well as their name were destined to molder forever in obscurity. Until drummer Edwin Nederkoorn and guitarist Winfred Koster reunited with the help of other Dutch death metalers in 2015. Since then Bloodphemy have released a 2016 EP and their debut full length, Bloodline. Now a little over a year since the release of their debut album, the Dutch death metal group are set to release In Cold Blood, their sophomore record.

Ten tracks in length, more classic-sounding than old school-aping, and without the slightest hint of pretension, In Cold Blood represents some real, straight-for-the-throat, outrageously violent death metal. Drawing influence from both Florida and Sweden while at the same time these blood-obsessed Dutchmen distinguish themselves from the horde with clever guitarwork and plenty of unique groove. So you’re forgiven for having never heard of Bloodphemy before, but sleep on In Cold Blood at your own risk.

“Expect merciless low tuned brutal death metal, the way we like it,” warns the band. “Our new album In Cold Blood resurrects but also enhances the flavor of past and present idols.”

In Cold Blood


In Cold Blood comes out this Friday on Black Lion Records. Preorder it now. 

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