Full Beer List Revealed for Decibel Magazine Metal & Beer Fest: Philly!

Only a week to go until the third annual Decibel Magazine Metal & Beer Fest at the Fillmore Philly!

One of the most unique aspects of the event is that it allows “Metal & Beer” ticket holders to sample unique beers from a diverse list of attending breweries, many of which are difficult or impossible to find in Philly. We hope you’re coming thirsty, because there will be 43 beers to sample at the Fillmore Philly on Saturday, April 13 and Sunday, April 14. We will release 50 more “Metal & Beer” tickets at 10am on Friday April 5, so this is your last chance to get samples from the list below. Don’t blow it—buy your tickets here.

Broken Goblet
No One Likes Us, We Don’t Care (Eagles/Jason Kelce collab) (IPA, 6.2%)
They Burn Them All Away (Official Fest Beer) (Belgian Dark Strong Ale, 13.5%)
Life Beyond is a Field (Deafheaven collab) (Tea Ale, 6.1%)
The Fall of Ryesengard (Rye Beer, 6.6%)

Up and Out (Hazy IPA, 6%)
2SPils (Pilsner, 5%)
Love Wishes (Saison, 9%)
Russian (Russian Imperial Stout, 9%)

Believer (Double Bock, 6%)
Believer (Tripel, 9%)
Gearshifter (IPA, 6.8%)
Queen of Hops (Brut IPA, 7.9%)

3 Floyds
Hung Drawn N Quartered (Dark Lord Russian Imperial Stout, 15%)
Gumball Head (Wheat Beer, 5.6%)

Adroit Theory
Obulus (Horrendous collab) (Pilsner, 5%)
NecroGenesis (Outer Heaven collab) (Stout, 12%)

Against the Grain
Pile of Face (American IPA, 6.5%)
Retitled Pils (German Pilsner, 5%)

Ardent Craft Ales
IPA X (New England Style IPA, 7.1%)
Ardent Pilsner (German Pilsner, 5%)

Atlas Brew Works
Night Vision (Euro Dark Lager, 5.5%)
Ponzi (West Coast IPA, 7.3%)

Birds Fly South
Noodles (Rice Lager, 4%)
Radio Silence (Pale Ale, 7%)

Brimming Horn
Eternal Frost (Enslaved collab) (Mead, 8.5%)
Seeds of the Underworld (Sweet Mead, 12.5%)
6 Demon Bag (Session Mead, 8%)

Billows (Kolsch, 4.9%)
Concepts of Dismemberment (New England IPA, 8.8%)

Burnt Hickory
Big Shanty (Graham Cracker Stout, 9%)
Didjits Blood Orange (New England IPA, 7.5%)

Cigar City
Guayabera (Citra Pale Ale, 5.5%)
Blood Soaked (Obituary Collab) (Golden Ale, 4.9% ABV)

Hoof Hearted
Everybody Wants Some (Double IPA, 8%)
Belloq (Coffee Stout, 7.5%)

Kings County Brewers Collective
Superhero Sidekicks (IPA, 6.9%)
Necro Alchemy (Collaboration with Tombs, Coffee Lager, 5.2%)

Metal Monkey
Fonkey Mucker (Chocolate Peanut Butter Stout, 9.5%)
Bikini Bottom (Pineapple Gose, 4.5%)

Oliver Brewing Co.
In the Court of the Bastard King (Heavy Temple collab) (American Red Ale, 6.2%)
Creator Destroyer (Nut Brown Ale w/ Espresso 6.0%)

Cursed (Mixed Culture Pale Ale, 4.7%)
Cosmic Crypt (Farmhouse Pale Ale, 5.6%)

British Steel (English Bitter, 3.7%)
Paradigm Lost (WAKE collab) (Double IPA 5%)

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Obituary (exclusive performance of Cause of Death in its entirety)
Tomb Mold

Enslaved (exclusive performance of Frost in its entirety)
Heavy Temple
Outer Heaven