Schattenfall’s New Album Is “Melancholie” Distilled

A couple years ago, Germany’s Schattenfall started on the path to black metal greatness with their debut album, Schatten in Schwarz. The album was built on long, emotive compositions that stretched the riffs out and created an atmosphere of rain, fog and shadow. Seeing wider release last year via Redefining Darkness Records, the band created a unique space for fans of early Ulver, Eis, Fen, Arcturus and Solefald.

The band set to work very quickly on their excellent follow-up, Melancholie des Seins, which takes a great deal of the mood present on the previous album, but brings along improved and dynamic songwriting. This allows the band to bring more dimensions to their sound, create more memorable parts, and play around with more tempos.

Listen to title track below on your next contemplative walk through the forest, or by candlelight when you’re pondering what it’s all really about, man (the song title does translate to “Melancholy of Being”, after all).