Full Album Stream: Akrotheism – ‘Law of Seven Deaths’

Hailing from Athens, Greece, Akrotheism pursue a unique and completely mind-shredding order of black metal. Eschewing those Hellenic melodies in favor of conjuring forth towering abyssal songs that swirl around the listener, stripping them of distraction, thought, possibly even flesh after prolonged listening. Akrotheism’s brand of black metal comes as off as both inevitable and hostile.

Since 2012, with one full length and two splits with like-minded compatriots under their belts, Akrotheism are now ready to unleash their latest monument of challenging black metal and obscure philosophy. Entitled Law of Seven Deaths, these seven songs represent Akrotheism’s most intoxicating and formidable effort yet.


“After cursing upon the plagues of the modern world, Akrotheism are back to set ‘The Law Of 7 Deaths,’” says the band. “And ancients truths will prevail through the violent black metal of primordial fascination.”

Law of Seven Deaths

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