Hear an Exclusive Full of Hell Remix by Justin Broadrick Via Decibel Flexi Series

Recent Decibel covers stars Full of Hell have long been a logical fit to join the Decibel Flexi Series. Prone to adventurous collaborations and EP- and single-format releases, it was only a matter a time before something like a, say, original new track remixed by Godflesh living legend Justin Broadrick was submitted for the Series. And here we are! You can jam “Thundering Hammers” (JK Broadrick remix), which will appear in its original version on FoH’s new album, Weeping Choirs, below. But don’t hesitate, because soon, the hammer falls, as we only have an extremely limited number of issues containing our 101st installment in the Decibel Flexi Series are available here. Do it!