Full Album Stream: Meadows End – “The Grand Antiquation”

Since 1998 Sweden’s Meadows End have been perfecting a style of symphonic melodeath that’s both mesmerizing and otherworldly. Over the past twenty-plus years the Swedes have overcome several lineup changes, but their latest album, The Grand Antiquation, is a triumph unparalleled in their own catalog. This is Meadows End at their tightest, most focused, and most inspired.

The Grand Antiquation comes out today on Black Lion Records.


“If we don’t question old and antique foundations and establishments, we will all face perdition when something/someone stronger takes over,” warns Meadows End guitarist Jan Mehle, in regards to the inspiration behind The Grand Antiquation. “It is time to look beyond our borders and defy the way we debate and reason. It is time to question our own significance and our role in this uncharted scheme of planetary events… We give you . . .




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