Full Album Stream: LIGÆDER – ‘Den Tomme Menneskehed’

Take a look at that discarded weapon on the cover of LIGÆDER‘s debut LP Den Tomme Menneskehed. By itself, it’s just a tool. But in the right/wrong hands and with specific intent, there’s the danger of a cut-to-black bludgeon. That’s what idle amplifiers feel like before death metal duo LIGÆDER plug in.

After their five-track EP in 2017, LIGÆDER have stepped up their game from awesome albeit primitive caveman death crust to new heights of brutality on Den Tomme Menneskehed. Following the album’s foreboding intro, the riff-blitz ranges from Necrot’s blood offerings to sewer-dwelling Swedeath and the filthy fury of fellow Copenhagen contemporaries Undergang. I first heard of LIGÆDER from following the project No Fealtyan extreme hardcore band from the vocalist/bassist/guitarist known by the single-letter designation S. Like that project, LIGÆDER’s propelled by raw punk as much as any death metal idols. Their first single “Afstumpet” begins like a Full of Hell noise nightmare before pairing gang growls with Nirvana 2002’s seminal Stockholm assault. Then there’s personal favorite “Begravelsesdagen,” which double-time stomps all over your battered remains before sinking the record into soul-suffocating muck. By the time the title track closes out the record with its haunting bass crawl and terminal dark melody, you’ll be begging for a few more hammer-bashes. This is your chance to get into this band at the basement level before the secret gets out.

Press play below to stream LIGÆDER’s bludgeoning Den Tomme Menneskehed before it’s official release date of March 1st. Don’t fuck up. Listen NOW.

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