Full EP Stream: Pernicion – “Seek What They Sought”

Based in the UK, Pernicion are Dan Benton on vocals and the poly-instrumentalist Anil Carrier (Binah, Towers Of Flesh, etc.) executing everything else. Carrier also recorded, mixed and mastered Pernicion’s debut EP. Indeed, Seek What They Sought represents five bangers of claustrophobic death metal domination that sound like they were written and recorded in absolute secrecy, such is their unique power. Equal parts atmospheric, crushing, and technical, Seek What They Sought will be a refreshingly jarring experience for even the most callused deathfiends.

Carrier himself deems Pernicion’s debut “a half an hour of savage, unrelenting death metal, journeying into a tale of the occult and the fragility of the human mind complimented perfectly by artwork from Misanthropic Art. We are immensely proud of our work on this EP . . .”

Seek What They Sought comes out this Friday on Osmose. Preorder it now.

Seek What They Sought

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