For Those About to Squawk: Candlemass, Pounder, Motörhead & Girlschool

Happy Valentines Day, you loveless beakers. I hope this is a good one!

Wow, I actually like something on Napalm Records?! And, wow, Candlemass is back with a pecking vengeance. The Door To Doom sees the return of vocalist Johan Langqvist, a “guest” musician on their amazing debut, Epicus Doomicus Metallicus. So, what about this? I’m going to start to say that the doomsters have a really solid record here. Even though this birdbrain misses singer Messiah Marcolin, Langqvist kicks pecking ass on this one. This is pretty mid-paced, not like slow-as-molasses doom, and at times actually picks up and is “fast” (well, fast for Candlemass, anyway). The songwriting on this is great and there’s only a couple of things here that stick out as trappings of “out of date old men.” There’s a couple of choral arrangements and a tiny bit of power metal thrown in but, all in all, this doesn’t affect the overall vibe of the record or detract from the rockingness. There is also a solo from Black Sabbath’s one and only Tommy Iommi. This record is killer… good for you, Candlemass!

9 Fucking Pecks.

Speaking of power metal—well, not really power metal, but something like that, LA’s Pounder is hitting us with Uncivilized on Hell’s Headbangers. Where do I start with this? This is speed metal, power metal, proto-thrash and well… let’s just call it a metal band featuring members of Exhumed, Carcass and Nausea. The production here is perfect for this style of metal. Hitting every note, Uncivilized references Too Fast For Love, Whitesnake at times and definitely NWOBHM. Matt Harvey’s vocal performance here is spectacular, and not what one would expect from the frontman of Exhumed. This is a pretty kickass mix of heavy, melody and speed for the most part (this birdbrain isn’t into ballads), but if HEAVY METAL is your thing, Pounder is your thing! Can’t wait to hear what comes next.

7 Fucking Pecks


Well, here’s a classic for Valentine’s Day, the Mighty Motörhead and Girlschool teamed up umpteen years ago to put out this EP.  Not my favorite by far, but appropriate for the holiday. Peck it HERE!

One… Waldo