Decibel Featured as Clue in New York Times’ Crossword Puzzle

While your favorite ragtag group of semi-literate drunks is busy rigging this year’s Top 40 Albums List and convincing ourselves that shotgunning craft brews is somehow classier, it’s been brought to our attention that we’ve attained mainstream cred. Those who subscribe to the New York Times (yes, that “failing” New York Times) on their digital devices or, you know, buy a physical copy, will have access to their world-famous crossword puzzle and come across a very important hint for today’s 47 Across: “Music genre that’s the focus of Decibel magazine.” Spoilers: it ain’t fucking K-Pop. Hails to the crossword designer who was kind and kvlt enough to give a shout out to what we do as well as everyone who brought this to our attention. Now maybe our parents will stop thinking this is “just a phase.”