Full Album Stream: Funereal Presence – “Achatius”

With the release of his brilliant debut album The Archer Takes Aim, Funereal Presence’s sole player Bestial Devotion proved that his band was more than a Negative Plane side-project. Now five years later with the arrival of Achatius, his sophomore album, Negative Plane’s drummer has not only officially released as many albums as the band he grew up playing in, Bestial Devotion has also delivered an album certain to place Funereal Presence among the ultimate pantheon of USBM power. 

Achatius is comprised of four epic tracks of satanically ambitious and immensely entertaining black metal. According to the press sheet, Bestial Devotion is quoted as having once said “I do the music that no one does for me anymore.” We are fortunate that he is out there, then, making the black metal that he wants to hear because, it turns out, so do we. 



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